A Beginner’s Guide to Reiki

In modern times, Reiki is able to guide us all in its peaceful ideology that reminds us to stay in the present moment with our thoughts.

In so doing, we capture the art of mindfulness as well as rebalancing through Reiki Spiritual Healing.

So what is Reiki? Reiki is not a religion. It’s a gathering of power or chi from the very heart of the Cosmos or Universe itself. Some call that Reiki power Light Energy and others Source Light, but that it is the purest sense of divine grace that exists within us all reflected back to the Universe via the Higher Self.

Usui Reiki can be interpreted as “Light Ray” and it brings in light as a form of guidance, as well as love in compassion, through those Spiritual healers and teachers who have made it their business to study this wonderfully heart-centred holistic form of spiritual healing.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing, as a practice, involves the laying on of hands whilst you are receiving its gentle energy and the spiritual healing of the self when you choose to become a Reiki student yourself!

All you are required to do is relax on a couch or in a chair as the Reiki Master transfers this Light from their hands and chakras (spinning energy points) into your etheric field.

To understand its purpose is to realign yourself with peace and harmony. If you seek the rest that takes the mind from worry or distress into new and peaceful solutions.

Unlimited Knowledge

Reiki can be a powerful system for rebalancing and realigning the Auric field with new and potentially unlimited knowledge of who and what you really are, as Spiritual Beings on Earth.

The more you attempt to connect with the Reiki stream of Light and Love, the stronger you may feel in mind, body and spirit as your very own energy field expand, as does your consciousness!

They say meditation could get you closer to that blissful feeling, but with Reiki, you may start to experience Spiritual self-healing as you begin to process the old conditioned beliefs and thoughts.


How many times have you felt a lack of confidence in your life? Did those thoughts and feelings originate in the past? Reiki could provide you with a possible chance to get to the heart of many of those thoughts and feelings.

By simply by aligning you to a much greater sense of your own purpose through relaxation, understanding and peace. Who knows where this might lead?

Studying chakras and the energy body if you wish to become a student. This may help you to make sense of the application through the attainment or initiation stages of receiving this form of Light.

Such is its own powerful Magic! With a resounding REIKI LOVE and LIGHT may you begin a new adventure with your Soul as the Guide!

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