What can you do about a blocked Chakra?

Blocked Chakra

Chakras are in principle an eastern belief. But, as we are supposedly in the “Age of Aquarius”, the eastern philosophy has now abundantly spread to the west. Many people have spiritual beliefs. They believe in complete well- being, a good balance of mind, spirit and body. So, when people talk about blocked chakras, what does it mean? Can it really have an effect on our lives? And if so, how? And if a chakra is blocked, how can it be unblocked?

The Spiritual Energy

The spiritual side of us is thought to be composed of several different layers of energy, with each performing its own function. Outside of the body the outer aura is composed of several layers. A kind of mass of electromagnetic energy comprised of seven planes.

The chakras are energy centres within each of us. Again, there are believed to be seven principle chakras that run up the middle of our bodies and end at the top of our heads with the crown chakra. These spinning wheels of energy are believed to each have a purpose, serving our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well- being in different ways.

Blocked Chakra – how and why?

Through the difficult events or stages in our lives, we are, according to this spiritual belief, “accumulating baggage”. This baggage which could be, for example, emotional, forms as energetic “lumps” within the chakras. These are not physical masses, rather they are energetic formations. Once in the chakra, they usually stay put until, we spiritually heal them.

Remember also, that according to these beliefs, mind body and spirit are related. These energetic formations, or chakra blockages can also be added to, grow and develop from repeated occurrences.

Blocked Chakras – An emotional example

An example might be a sensitive person who breaks up with their long- term partner.  This person may feel some mental anguish, and the reaction may be that they do not look after their physical body for a while.

From their emotional pain and the upset, let us say that several blockages form in several chakras. For example, a blockage in the throat chakra due to not being able to express what they wish to say, in the way they want to say it. A blockage in the heart chakra with the feeling of loss of a loved one. A blockage in the solar plexus chakra, which concerns personal power, as they feel they have lost strength and a sense of purpose.

Then following this, this person becomes extra sensitive. They are then more likely to add additional blockages through being sensitive about what others might say. Also through frustrated communication. In fact, as they are extra sensitive now, the smallest thing might add to the existing blocked chakras. The existing blockages are then added to, or  new blocks can form.

Eventually, this person may start feeling less like their old self.  They say less (throat chakra), feel reluctant or scared to love again (heart chakra) and become hesitant about facing the future on their own ( solar plexus chakra/personal power)

Is it possible to Self – Heal?

Yes, it is possible. Even without believing in chakras, we know that a good walk can clear our minds, looking at a lovely tree or flower can make us feel better, eating well and sleeping is good for us. The more we socialise, the more naturally we feel about doing so. The list is endless. As we fill ourselves with good energy, the chakras can heal, and gradually the blockages can leave us, but this can take time.

Some blockages simply do not go away and stick in there stubbornly. This could happen when we find it really hard to get over something. This might be a shocking event, a sudden unexpected change in our lives. In short something we may find hard to adjust to, and feel like we never will do really.

What can a Spiritual Healer do?

Techniques including Reiki healing are based on chakra balance and a part of this is removing energy blockages. So, when you have a blocked chakra, the spiritual healer will work on this and aims to remove the blockage. This technique is used with the aim of “lightening the load”; removing the emotional blockage from the blocked chakra and rebalancing the chakra, to restore it to its normal healthy function. This is order to give its owner a fresh start and a brighter view of the here and now, and of the future.

A spiritual healer cannot take away the memories, but they may be able to work on the emotional and energetic baggage that go with these.

Spiritual healers are often sensitive souls themselves and have a very compassionate understanding of other people’s situations. Often, they are empathic and feel the other person’s upset. Sometimes simply speaking with them can make a person feel better and give them the guidance they need to self-heal. This, combined with the spiritual healer’s work at an energy level, is what has given many of them the good reputations that they have; the good combination of sympathetic personality, good spiritual healing skills, as well as great compassion and understanding.

Once the chakras are blocked, the outlook is therefore a positive one. A blocked chakra can be unblocked. And the road to the future can be clear and bright once again.


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