What are Crystals?

Crystals are naturally occurring precious gems, stones, and rocks that have become increasingly popular in everyday life in current times. They come in all different sizes with internal formation of energy. Choosing your crystals is very important to ensure you benefit from the internal energy. We asked one of our Trusted Psychics, Sarah May, how she would go about choosing a crystal:

I would encourage you when choosing to not research, but pick from sight and feeling. This way the crystal has found you. This natural selection is best practice as you can then research the crystal that has chosen you. Always use the words “bring me wealth” when choosing and connecting to your crystal, as this covers all aspects of intention as sometimes we don’t know what we need and when we are specific it fuels just that intent. When you have chosen the crystal that relates to you, it is best to use mental emotional connection, as intellect is key.

What’s the Right Crystal for Me?

Depending on your needs, Sarah May recommends a range of crystals that can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Clear Quartz: An excellent crystal for setting intentions of any kind. This stone could be used as a “doer crystal”, as you can set it up with your intention, and cleanse it when you have achieved your outcome, before repeating the process.

  • Dowsers: Dowsers are your yes, no, or maybe crystals. You can find out how your dowser works by asking it to show you which is which and then you can dowse over your crystals to see if they are working for you.

  • Shungite: A courageous and positive crystal that promotes mental health, and can be placed in a bracelet or necklace, so you always have it on your person.  

  • Kunzite: Gentle light pink in colour and concentrates on gentle love. Helps enhance your inner qualities and brings out the best of your abilities.

  • Yellow Quartz: A great crystal for anxiety and stress that can be gifted to others.

Ways to Cleanse Your Crystal

  1. Leave in salted water and let the crystal dry outside. Some crystals use the energy of the moon and leaving a crystal outside at night could enhance the energy within the crystal. Before you run off and leave your crystal in salted water, be mindful to check first as water will dissolve Selenite (promotes peace, calm, and mental clarity) and Himalayan (boosts your mood and purifies the air) crystals.

  2. Simply keeping your crystal on your person or around your home, and allowing the crystal to work its magic will keep it cleansed. Your warmth and love will keep the crystal cleansed as emotions and positive mental health help promote positivity.

There are millions of different crystals out there with some amazing, unusual forms, meanings, and colours. Find the crystal that is ideal for you, show it warmth and love, keep it on your person to give you positive energy throughout the day, and feel the benefits every day.

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