What are Angel Cards?

Angel Cards are designed to help us receive beautiful spiritual messages of love, guidance, and wisdom, with the guidance coming specifically from the Angels in the Angelic Realm. Each card from a deck has been directly channelled from the Angels, meaning, when we use the cards, we get specific guidance that we require in our daily lives.

What is the difference between Angel Cards and Tarot Cards?

Tarot Card Readings offer more intricate details about life events, people, and their feelings. If a person is looking to know what would transpire from a particular situation or person in their life, a Tarot Card Reading could be their preferred solution. When it comes to divination tools, Tarot is the most widely used and known. You will find most professional psychics will have a favourite Tarot deck.

Angel Cards are different as they require a connection to the Angelic realm to provide professional readings. Angel Cards promote hope, love, and inspiration for people during a reading, which is great for daily, weekly, or monthly guidance. This divination tool is normally for clients who believe in the Angelic Realm as the reading will resonate with them more clearly. Professional Angel Card Readers will have several decks of Angel cards.

How to Select a Pack of Angel Cards?

When looking at different Angel Cards it can actually feel a little overwhelming because there are a lot of different decks from which to choose. Robert Lee, one of our professional Angel Card Readers, advises us that we need to ask our Spirit Guides in the Angelic Realm to help guide us to the right card deck. 

Using a phrase such as, “I wish to establish a strong connection for my clients through the cards, what will be the best deck to use?”, will help you find your own Angel Card deck. Ask your Angels, “what deck would suit me best?”, and one deck in particular will shine bright to you!

What Preparation is Needed to Read Angel Cards?

Robert has created a sacred space in his home in which he can read Angel Cards; he suggests you do the same. This space is always quiet and clutter free. When he enters his work space, he lights a candle and incense, turns on spiritual music to help build his energy, and meditates for approximately 15 to 20 minutes to help him tune into the Angelic Realm. All this is to let his Angel Guide know that he is in a calm state of mind and ready to provide Angel Card Readings.

Is There a Process to Reading Angel Cards?

Before Robert can start reading Angel Cards, he will go into his sacred space, as described above, and begin his meditation. Meditation is good for calming and relaxing the mind, but it is not necessary for connecting with the Angelic Realm. 

He will take his Angel Card deck in his right hand and put it over his heart, telling his Angel Guide that he is ready to go to work. By doing this, Robert is communicating his intentions to his Angel Guide, and is ready to start helping his clients. 

Depending on the client's needs, Robert will lay out different spreads on his reading table. When reading Angel Cards, Robert’s methodology is to always read the Cards left to right. His Angel Guide will then communicate through the cards. 

Are there variations of reading Angel Cards?

Robert tends to use five different Angel Card Reading layouts, depending on the situation in front of him:

The One Card Daily Angel Inspiration Layout

Robert uses this spread if his clients have one burning question in particular on which they are looking to receive guidance. In his experience, clients are often surprised at how accurate the message they receive from their angels can be from this one card spread.

The Three Card Angel Guidance Layout

This spread is used if a client is looking to make major life changes. Through the three cards, the Angels can give great guidance in different areas of life that need changes and inspiration to actualise the changes.

The Five Star Layout - Angels of the Universe

This spread is used when a client says they are feeling lost. Each of the five cards will give a message of what the client needs to do to help them feel more connected and guided in their life.

The Five Card Spread - Love

Robert advises this spread be used for when a client needs guidance on their love life. The cards will show what blockages the client has in regards to love, what actions they need to take to clear the blockages, and what outcomes their future love life will bring.

The Six Card Spread - Angel Wings of Encouragement

This spread allows the Angels to come in and give a more personal connection to Robert’s clients. The spread is filled with encouraging messages from your Angel Guides, and assists you when you are feeling disconnected from yourself and the angels. Robert finds the sixth card is the most powerful card and will resonate with the client the most, helping them to achieve their desired resolution.

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