Is everyone Psychic? Can anyone do it?


A question often asked is “Is everyone Psychic?” “Can anyone do it?” and I find myself saying “Yes to a point!”.



This is that feeling that tells us if we like or dislike something or even someone. It is then when we get all confused and often end up on the wrong track. Hence the term “follow your gut feeling you’ll never go wrong!”


Trust Your Gut

When we use our gut feeling to make a decision we can’t always back it up with evidence. We can when we use our heads to make a decision and quite often we are asked for evidence as to why we have made certain decisions. It simply isn’t acceptable to say “just because I feel it…..”


Feel and Sense

So we have now ascertained that most people’s intuitions have become somewhat lazy as they are overruled by our heads and of course good old logic. It is often the more sensitive of people that have the naturally fined tuned intuitions as they are more likely to “feel” and “sense”…



The question also quite often asked is “…but if it’s a gift surely it’s something you are born with an therefore, cannot be taught?” Wrong! This is because we can be taught to fine tune intuition, we can be taught to go with what we feel even if it doesn’t make any sense to us at the time. To become more aware of how we feel. So yes, in that sense, everyone is Psychic. To work on your psychic skills, you can contact our readers who are experts in psychic development.


Psychic Feeling

It is perhaps the other Psychic senses, of seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling that they may or may not attain in their lifetime. It is always that Psychic feeling that underpins the whole Psychic Awareness and that’s how developing Psychic skills start.


Sing a Song

I like to use the analogy of Singing to help people understand the Psychic gift. Singing is a gift that some people have to varying degrees. Some people can open their mouths to sing and sing pitch perfect without any training whatsoever. Other people will be able to sing beautifully with a bit of training and guidance. Plus some people may only just make a nursery rhyme sound in tune.
The Psychic feeling is absolutely no different! The only difference is the levels that you reach or even want to reach and those levels that are within your capabilities.


Ask a Psychic 

Why not ask your Psychic about their own Psychic Development journey? Maybe you want to develop your own skills to see what level of Psychic Awareness you can achieve?. Go through to one our Psychics today who can answer your questions on Psychic Development.

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