Master Numbers in Numerology

In Numerology, the essence of every personality is found in numbers. The numbers give you an indication of your life purpose, as well as providing a brief insight into challenges, tendencies, and obstacles that will come into play throughout your life. Alongside the 0-10 numbers, there are a special set of numbers known as ‘Master Numbers’. The Master Numbers are 11, 22, and 33. 

Master Number: Eleven

One and one, side by side. The double intensity of leadership, foresight, ingenuity with the softness, as well as the sensitivity of ‘2’ (1 + 1 = 2). If you ever see 11:11 on a clock, whether AM or PM, make a note of what you were thinking at the time. You can also use 11 as a way of taking a minute to stand in alignment with everything around you. One is the beginning, so be mindful of what you are beginning. 11, 111, 1:11, and 11:11 increase that intensity.

In numerology, Eleven, the first Master Number, is an ascended version of one. One represents the oneness of all things. Eleven is about being aligned with your true self and higher purpose, allowing you to be a conduit for this energy to manifest through you. When we become clear – in mind, body, spirit; thoughts, feelings, actions; work, rest, play – we begin to align with the divine, and the effortless effort of being in the flow comes into play.

When we recognise and live this more and more, we begin to become aware a lot sooner when we are off-kilter and need to take time out to have time in so we can re-align ourselves. Humans are wonderful multifaceted beings, which makes us who we are – our ability to step out of our comfort zone and embrace the unknown for the unknown is also part of all things’ oneness. With time and experience, the unknown becomes known. The path becomes clear, and there is nothing to fear. 

Eleven is leadership through gentleness, co-operation and balance. It is a master communicator, counsellor, healer and mediator. It is personal transformation and self-mastery. 

Master Number: Twenty-Two

Two and two, side by side. A double intensity of desires, hopes, dreams and wishes with the ability to ground it into a tangible form of the four (2+2=4). When seeing 22, 222, 2:22, and 22:22, check in with yourself and align to your dreams. How are you helping others to help you make them happen?

Twenty-two, the second Master Number in Numerology is about taking a concept and grounding it into something tangible, detailed and structured. People with ‘22’ in their life chart may devote their time to managing large projects. 

22 can be linked with the 12th house in Western Astrology as it represents completion, things happening behind the scenes, the subconscious, and otherworldly energy. 22 is also linked with the World card in tarot as it is the 22nd Major Arcana, representing completion and grounding dreams into reality.

Master Number: Thirty-Three

Rounding up the Master Numbers in Numerology is the number 33. Some see 33 as a master healer number. Three and three, side by side. The double intensity of power in the form of love. 33 represents unconditional love, and 333 represents ascended masters. Working with these numbers is taking you to a whole new level; sit with and be guided by the energies for you are very blessed to be in such a place at such a time.

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