About Kellie M

Hi I am Kellie M and I’ve always known since a small child that I was different. I decided to learn to read the cards and haven’t looked back since. I would describe myself as being an empathetic psychic who aims to bring guidance and comfort to those who are feeling that they have some blockages and are looking for enlightenment. I am very welcoming and I address the elephant in the room, I aim to make you feel as relaxed and reassured as possible. I am a down to earth reader whose goals are to encourage people to have a more positive outlook on life. Working on the current and past events to work towards a brighter future. I am highly empathetic and compassionate. I like to think that people feel like they’ve know me a life time and hopefully I put them at ease when reading them. As well as a card reader, I have natural psychic senses and I also use several other tools such as pendulum, crystal ball, crystals, scrying and I am also a reiki and spiritual healer. I also have 5 guides that I receive guidance from that I work very closely with. The areas I concentrate my readings on are Connecting to guides for insight, Emotional insight and empathy, Picking up on emotions in a current situation of caller, Picking up on emotions in the current situation of partner or third party on request. I would describe myself as being Calming, Compassionate, Direct, Down-to-earth, Honest, Inspirational, Positive, Straightforward and Uplifting. I am what you see and I don’t sugar coat the truth. My aim is to encourage people to be the best they can be by working at the best of my ability. I am very busy as I have four children that take up a lot of my time, but I enjoy my work very much and I am always willing to giving guidance to anyone that feels they need it whenever I can.

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