About Lynzie Kirby

I am an empathic, natural psychic who offers deep and detailed readings, with over 26 years experience in psychic readings. I am a warm, calming and welcoming person and I will aim to make you feel comfortable right away. I have been working for Psychic Today for 11 years and have many regular callers who call me, I believe this is because I give detailed, direct and honest readings. I am often asked for love and work readings. I use a variety of tools and layer them e.g first layer tarot cards, next layer colour cards and then sprinkle beads on top to help add dimension and depth. I believe that I am unique in the way I work using these layers as I read each one individually and then sum up the reading by bringing all three together I always hold my crystal ball when I have laid my cards and I would say that this is my favourite tool for focus and concentration. I enjoy many aspects of my psychic work, regular Clients, the multitude of questions, the laughter, the serious times but, most of all, being privileged to do the work that I love most in the world but what I really enjoy is when I have done a reading for someone who began the call feeling tearful and hurt and ends the call feeling more optimistic and hopeful for the future. It is such a lovely thing to be able to share a little piece of someone else's life and to be so trusted by them. I cannot remember a time when I was unaware of my psychic ability as I have always been a natural psychic. The Cards came along in my early teenage years and I found that I just knew what they were saying to me. I have just naturally developed over many years as I have no fear just an open heart for all things psychic. During my spare time I like Zombie and Vampire movies, knitting, reading, walking, chatting with friends and spending time with my two daughters. My favourite inspirational quote is "The past is a foreign country, we don't go there any more". The Go Between by L P Hartley

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