About Penny B

Hi, I’m Penny, and I am a compassionate and down-to-earth natural psychic reader with 23 years of experience. My preferred areas to focus on during my readings are career and work, looking into your emotions, and those of the people around you, and general readings, including setting possible priorities in your life. When you first come through to me, I will briefly introduce myself, and the methods that I use to work, before asking if there is anything in particular you would like me to look into. I find that a gentle approach is often best to ease you into your reading, particularly if you are nervous, so I will use this to slowly move into your reading. When I read for you, I am guided by my natural psychic abilities as to the best method and tools to use. I can use a variety of different types of cards, as well as the crystal ball. As we move through your reading, I am guided towards the most appropriate tool for me to use, in order to give you the deepest level of insight possible, in order for you to get the most out of your reading. Besides giving readings, I also have two young children who occupy a great deal of my time so I do not have time for much else, however I love spending time developing my psychic skills further where I can. I am particularly inspired by the quote ‘If there is just a brick wall, then create a door!’ So, for a compassionate and uplifting reading, come through to me today!

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