About Shuvani

Hello, I’m Shuvani! I am a natural born psychic from a long line of psychic readers. I would describe myself as a straightforward psychic. My aim is to give each caller their own bespoke reading applicable to you and what you need. Alongside my natural psychic abilities, I like to use tarot and angel cards to enhance the reading. Unlike a lot of card readers, I do not lay them into a spread. I shuffle the deck and keep an eye on the images going by. An image will stand out to me while I shuffle and I will lay that card down and begin the reading. Guiding other people on their life path is very for fulfilling for me. I feel becoming a professional psychic reader was my destiny as I come from a long line of psychic readers. I grew up around these energies so it is all very normal and natural for me. I was taught about dream analysis at a young age and at 17 years-old I taught myself how to read the cards. It was odd for me because every time I tried a new psychic skill I realised it was something I already knew. When I’m not giving readings, art is my biggest passion. I love to paint and draw whenever I can. I enjoy long walks with my dog in the nearby forest, I find it very relaxing and a calming place. I’m also a boxing enthusiast. I follow rising stars in the boxing world and love to go and watch it live, it’s so much better than seeing it on TV.

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