Timing in Psychic Readings


When is something going to happen? Has to be the most asked question of any Psychic. Whenever we tune to a situation and we set a future influence, clients aren’t normally satisfied with their answer until they have heard when it’s going to happen. I must admit that if I have a Psychic Reading I want to know that too.


As we tune into the energies of a situation, it can often feel like this is happening right now. Particularly if, say, a client is still hurting from the past, but the situation that hurt them could have happened years ago. To us, it would feel like it’s all been very recent. Sometimes when I link hands-free with no tools to a person’s energy, I often have no clue if I’m feeling the past, present, or the future. To me, it feels like now! The Universe really doesn’t provide any sense of timing to us, and that is why the Past, Present, and the Future can all feel the same in the energies, and from a Spiritual point of view, there really is no clock or calendar.


When giving a Psychic Reading, obviously, the content of the reading is important, and so are the influences for the future. However, when we try to give a timeframe, the number is the most important part. For example, if a Reader gives 6 weeks for a timeframe, it’s the “6” that is the important bit. What we have to keep an open mind about is that although the Reader feels at the time this influence may occur in 6 weeks, it could actually work out to be 6 hours, days, weeks, months, or even years. So, it’s the “6” bit we really need to take notice of, and even then, it still might be off.


Many Psychics feel for their time frames. They may feel that something is likely to occur within a 3-month period, or they are giving their whole reading for the next 3 months. They may even use the Seasons as timing, “this may well happen around the Summer months”, so you know that it’s June to September. Some Psychics can feel for actual significant dates and may say something like “I’m being shown the 14th” or “I’m being shown between the 10th – 16th”. The Reader may feel as if they are reading for next month, BUT it could be those dates in a different month!

Using Tarot Cards to set timeframes can be quite an interesting subject. Some Readers will use their Minor Arcana (the suits of Pentacles, Wands, Swords, or Cups) and they will go for the number at the top of the card, i.e., 3 of Pentacles. Then they will say something like “I sense 3 days, weeks, or months”.

A very traditional method of setting timing with the Tarot is using the Tarot Suits in the Minor Arcana like this:

  • Wands represent Days or the Summer months

  • Swords represent Weeks or Spring months

  • Cups represent Months or Autumn

  • Pentacles represent Years or Winter

All Readers will have developed their own individual style of setting a time frame, using whichever method they choose to undertake.


Personally, I have developed my own way of looking at time frames in my own readings. I like to take what comes to me via my Psychic senses. I also like to use my Tarot Cards, and I like to use 5 cards per month. Looking at 12 rows of 5 cards would give me a yearly indication of what lies ahead for my client. If a Card is the 5th in the row, that to me is the end of the month. If the Card is 1st in the row of 5, then that to me is the start of the month. This is purely my own method that I have been using for the past 24 years. However, I accept it’s individual to me!


Try to take the time frames in a Psychic Reading as a complete approximation. Don’t throw out those notes just because the time frame given has passed. It all still may be yet to occur!

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