About Alison

My name is Alison I am a natural psychic and tarot card reader. I work closely with my guides to guide people when they need it most and to provide insight into situations so this can enable them to move forward with their lives. I feel very compassionate about the psychic skills that I been given. I feel that having a psychic reading should be a happy and positive experience and there’s nothing to be scared of. I first noticed my psychic abilities at the young age of five years. Around the age of 6, I knew that there was more to this world than what we see in the here and now. I began a deeper understanding and started to develop my skills even more allowing me to read people upon meeting them at the age of 18. I can use a combination reading of Runes which works at the subconscious level and can often guide clients unearth their destructive patterns, along with Tarot. I enjoy race sailing, Walking, I love walking in the woods and connecting to nature. Meditation and Reiki. “Love Conquer's all, If we find love in our heart's, we can change hate greed and Anger. “

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