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Amanda F

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About Amanda F

Hello, I’m Amanda! I am a natural psychic reader with over 25 years’ professional experience. I work with my own natural psychic abilities and the universal energies to provide an honest and rounded reading for my callers. I feel it is very important to start all readings in a gentle and calming manner; especially when it comes to a caller who hasn’t had a reading before. Being able to make someone else feel relaxed and reassured is very important to me as a person and a reader. As well as using my natural psychic ability, I also like to use cards to enhance my reading quality. When it comes to choosing a deck, it has to be a tarot deck. I wouldn’t say there are any topics I ‘work best with’ as I work with a wide range of questions and people. I also ask questions a little differently from other psychic readers and I feel this allows me to stand out from the crowd and draws different kinds of callers to me. I noticed my psychic ability when I was quite young; my granny taught me how to use my skills at a basic level and taught me to read playing cards. She said I understood her because I was like her, though this took me a while to fully understand. When I am not giving psychic readings, I am an artist. I like to create oil paintings for the most part and find the creative process very therapeutic. When I need to really relax and unwind I find swimming to be the perfect outlet, allowing the mind and body to just float and self sooth. My inspirational quote comes from Edgar Cayce, “Great numbers of children will be born who understand electronics and atomic power as well as other forms of energy. They will grow into scientists and engineers of a new age which has the power to destroy civilization unless we learn to live by spiritual laws”.

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