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About Amethyst

Hello, I am Amethyst. I am a natural psychic and work no tools/freehand. As I come from a family of psychics, my psychic skills have been passed to me from my mother and grandmother. The line runs in the female generation of my family. I was shown how to read from an early age, which became normal practice for me. Along with my natural psychic abilities, I am also able to work with Oracle cards, crystal ball and pendulum and I can do animal communication. I am very drawn to colourful cards with good artwork. I read the cards in my own special way, channelling through the pictures which brings out further images for me to focus on. I am very honest and down to earth and will bring my client a sympathetic and detailed approach to their situation. I am able to focus on many areas, anything from romance and career to house-moves and I make sure that I give my client 100% undivided attention. During my spare time, I love writing, artwork and painting and my favourite quote is “Nothing glows brighter than the heart awakened to the light of love that lives within it”

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