About Anna Maria

Hello, I'm Anna Maria, I have natural abilities evident from a very early age, guiding myself in my own path and that of family and friends. I am a caring, compassionate reader; I want to guide you on your life path and empower and uplift you to see the light inside yourself and the beauty and potential that is around you. I believe that life is a gift and an opportunity to learn new things every single day and with support from my guides and others, I continue to add to my psychic knowledge of Spiritual and Psychic Development in order to be better able to guide others. I have mostly been asked to look into love readings; I find I can work very closely with emotional matters. When using my Angel cards, I feel the connection to love and the heart can be improved. I also like to look at careers. Seeing someone develop the sense to push and encourage themselves is very empowering for me. It is very rewarding for me to be able to guide people into seeing the positives around them and all the options they have waiting for them. I have found that if you want to connect deeply, compassion and humour is the way forward. I have been aware of my psychic sense since I was a child. I had readings with different psychics who pushed me to develop my own psychic skills. I then started to do development courses and became much more aware of myself. In my spare time, I enjoy singing and learning to play the guitar, horse-riding and lovely walks on the beautiful local beach where I meditate. My most inspirational quote is “The more you give Love to others, the more Love comes back to you and always keep your vibrations positive”

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