Annie Mai

Annie Mai

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About Annie Mai

Hi, I am AnnieMai and thank you for reading my profile today. I have been practicing reading for many years now, over 26 years to be exact. I have known since I was three years old that I was psychic and I had no choice but to develop it and I love what I do! I work closely with my guides to connect to you and bring you insight into areas such as love and relationships, work, emotional insight or general and I can also remove emotional blockages. I read with compassion all the time and it gives me great pleasure to guide you on your journeys through life. I have three children, two girls and one boy. My eldest two have grown up. Myself and the little one enjoy swimming together, walking our chihuahua Charlie and I really enjoy reading. I meditate daily and music is also a huge part of my life. My spirit guides give me so much inspiration! I would have to say a favourite quote I’ve been told is, “do not chase money or status, always aspire to receive job satisfaction.” This is so very true! Sit back, relax and have a wonderful reading. Love & Light AM.

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