About April Rose

Hello, my name is April Rose and I am a compassionate, positive and honest reader. My favourite areas to work on are Emotional insight and empathy, Astrological personality analysis, Reiki healing, Destiny & Life-Path readings. The tools I use are natural energy, cards, Astrology charts for personality, compatibility of partnerships and this coupled with numerology can encourage you to identify your soul path. I use this energy to identify strengths and weaknesses and give guidance to navigate you through the trials of life. Most of my readings tend to focus around love and relationships. I hope to identify to any issues by empathising with both parties and I look to give guidance on resolutions for both parties to find peace in their lives, whether together or apart. I do this without having those feelings effect my boundaries, and sometimes it is difficult for people to accept that their love has moved on. I try to deliver what I feel with empathy and compassion, but I always relay what I feel, with a hope that there is someone better out there for them, who will compliment them perfectly. I always try and balance the level of information I give by trying to explain as much as possible without giving too much and making them feel overwhelmed. I am consistently kind and patient, especially when people become upset about a situation. I calm them down with my voice and encourage them in order to turn their mood around. I have a natural affinity for astrology and have done since I was 14. I was always intrigued by Greek mythology and studied this as a hobby. I would always look out and memorise star constellations, I felt energised and in awe of our tiny place in this big universe, realising with gratitude just how loved we are. I became interested in energies and how they impact on that scale, through symbols and the omnipresence of Spirit in all things. After studying charts, I can see the struggles that need to be overcome and the potential for light. I pass these strengths on to them and encourage the clients to show strength in aspects of their lives like in love, family, career, communication, and spirituality. During my spare time I like to read articles about current events and link them to current astrocharts. I am studying Human Design and energy frequencies. I meditate using sound in order to clear negative energies in my home. I have also identified, by using fixed stars, what energy frequencies can wake up certain chakras in people, all are different. I have also studied aromatherapy effects regarding essential oils. I make candles and Reiki charged jewellery.

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