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About Caroline

Hi there I'm Caroline. I have been a psychic reader for over 20 years. I would describe myself as friendly, empathic and non-judgemental. My fortes include love and relationships, psychic development, and readings based on work life and career. I believe I am a friendly and lively person, and am often on hand to provide an enlightening and positive reading. When you first enter a reading with me, I will introduce myself and ask what I should call you. Then I would ask you what you would like to look into, and, if you are nervous, offer a short introductory reading. I will then use the symbols on my rune stones to tune in to your situation, and provide the insight and guidance that you ask for. The tools that I mainly use in my readings are my Rune stones, which I use in a number of ways. Usually, I will drop the stones from a short height, and watch the way in which the symbols fall, and their orientation when they land. I can also use them in the same way as cards – by spreading them on a table and reading from a selection.

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