About Dara Caroline

I inherited my ability from family, it was something that I always knew - I used to have psychic experiences as a child and I would see colours. It was nothing unusual for me, just something as normal as seeing people in the street. My mother made me feel more normal about it as she had practiced this as a living when I was young. My intuitive sessions provide a calm, grounded and compassionate space. I have the ability to connect with what you are experiencing through, having over 10 years of experiences. I am a writer, travelled internationally to guide many, using holistic services by tailoring to my client’s needs. Whether you are in a space of transition, needing insight or wanting mindful guidance - I sit with you in professional space to intuitively gather insight to help you identify your own strength and to ultimately empower you back to self love again. The journey might feel challenging, but maybe I can assist in lifting some of the weight off your shoulders. I have been reading now for over 10 years, guiding people in areas such as love/relationships and picking up on emotions in current situation of caller. I have the ability to leave my clients feeling empowered rather than left with insight unsaid. I will always come from a loving heart centred space, never from ego. I want my clients to feel they are supported and guided rather than drained. I always ask my clients what they are looking for from me at first, to ensure that I am the right reader first; If not, then I will not waste your time and I will let you know. I am a very soft, compassionate personal and channel my readings this way. Some of my psychic abilities include Angel Cards, Crystals, Life Coaching, Psychic Development, Astrology, Dream Analysis, natural psychic senses, Pendulum, Remote Viewing, Tarot, Reiki & Spiritual Healing, Aura Readings and Chakra Balance. I do however mainly use my special tarot deck and my pendulum to gain extra insight - both allow me to give the client the guidance they need, but above all else, I trust my intuition at all times. Give me a call today; I look forward to meeting you

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