About Gayle

I am Gayle and I am an intuitive, spiritual reader with 35 years of experience. My clients are often seeking guidance with relationships, love, career, family issues, motivation and inspiration. My favourite tool is my Mythic Tarot cards which were given to me as a gift 35 years ago by a dear friend. I resonated with the cards straight away and I receive insight through my psychic senses. I was 17 years old when I went to a Mind Body Spirit Festival in London and was told that I was psychic and should be reading the cards sharing my skills. I loved going to tarot readers and met with local psychics and joined a couple of circles and went to workshops to develop my skills further. I will start my readings by explaining what I offer and how I work. I do prefer my clients to read my profile so that they already have an idea of what to expect and are totally happy to go ahead with the reading. I assure all clients that my readings are for insight and guidance and they are free to make their own choices. My experience has shown that I am honest, even though the outcome unfortunately may not be their chosen path. I am a compassionate and honest reader. I do readings on career & work, looking into past to see roots of current situations or emotions, picking up on emotions in current situation of partner or third party on request. I love spending time with family & friends in my spare time, walking, going to the theatre and concerts, going on adventures touring round the countryside visiting stately homes as a member of the National Trust , crystal shopping, Mind Body Spirit Events, Horse sanctuaries. My favourite quote is " Be Here Now" - Ram Dass

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