Hazel Lee

Hazel Lee

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About Hazel Lee

Hazel Lee tell us that 'Spirit is my life. If I can bring light to one who is struggling in darkness then I am happy. That's my philosophy and that's how I work.' As a child Hazel struggled to accept and understand her strong psychic gifts. Helped by her honest and down- to-earth guide Kamal, Hazel tells it as it is with strong empathy and compassion. Since she first joined Psychic Interactive TV Hazel has become very popular with the audience and now makes regular appearances. Although experienced in many of the arts of divination including tarot, crystals, psychometry and the pendulum, Hazel generally works without any tools, simply channelling through her spirit guide Kamal. Kamal is almost as popular as Hazel and when in need many people nowadays approach the two of them feeling that he is just as much a friend.

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