About Indigo Starseed

Hello I am Indigo Starseed. I have had psychic experiences since I was a child and have been developing my psychic skills and abilities for over 20 years. My work is influenced from many traditions, cultures and mystical practices. I am a “path finder” and support others with their development, direction and guidance. I have had training to enhance my natural psychic skills from many different teachers. Some teachers for psychic skills, some for Spiritual healing and other things. My work as reader gives insight to those that need guidance on their life journey as well as direction with their own development. I’m a trained natural psychic and I work with my senses along with many tools, such as crystal ball, tea leaves and cards - I am also a devoted wife and proud mother of my little Starseed. The readings I give are for encouragement, guidance and comfort and I have great pleasure reading for clients world wide. As my beloved once said “how can you be lost if you don’t know where your going?” Let me be the guiding “Star” showing you the way..

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