About Jessica May

Hi my name is Jessica May, I am a natural psychic, energy worker and empathic Reiki healer, I have been aware of my psychic senses since I was a small girl. When I read for you, I will ask for your name and as soon as you say it, my psychic senses come alive! I use all the psychic senses; psychic sight and visions, the ability to see you in colour and psychic hearing. I am also very sympathetic and empathic and pick up on emotions and feelings. I can work hands free, but also like using Tarot and Oracle cards to support what I am seeing. I also communicate with animals and am particularly strong at Equine spiritual healing and communication. I am a soul connector and love giving guidance. My readings can look at past energies, seeing how they are currently influencing the present and also the future. I can also see energy and am able to see where there are blockages and baggage. I am able to use energy healing to help dissolve blockages. With guidance, many can find their divine soul path, allowing them to make choices and to see their own worth. Other readings I specialise in are Sacred Union Readings and Twin Flame readings. Being on the journey myself, I am able to relate to those in separation from their Divine soul partner. I strongly believe in free will, so I am here to guide you and give you insight and show you the best possible choice of path. There are always choices and my aim is to show you those options and give you hope and positivity. I look forward to connecting with you.

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