About Julia J

Hi I am Julia J. I am an empathic, natural psychic and my forte is in love and relationship readings. I have over 10 years of professional experience, but ever since I was a young girl I would have psychic dreams.. It wasn’t until I got to 30yrs old before I admitted to myself and accepted it. I started going to spiritual church where I saw like-minded people. This gave me the confidence to join a circle to develop my psychic skills. My clients tend to ask for readings focusing on their Love and Relationships, and I also get a lot asking about Career Pathways. I usually tune in quickly to their thoughts and feelings, my tool of choice is voice vibration, and I also love connecting to my guide who will often send me pictures to help me gain insight in to my client’s current situation. During a first time reading with me you can expect me to start by introducing myself. I am easy to get along with and I am usually able to put you at ease right away, I am calming, compassionate, down to earth and positive. I strongly believe that we all have a life purpose, once we find it life becomes a lot easier to handle. During my spare time I enjoy dress making and I make all of my outfits to go out socialising in the evening.

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