About Laura Daligan

Laura is one of the founding members of Psychic Today, Sky channel 886, having joined the channel at the tender age of 24.She is known for her insightful readings, compassionate style and giving nature. Laura specializes in difficult cases, and often helps people deal with different stages of grief and self discovery. Laura's dream interpretations have been praised by journalists and politicians alike, and she's regularly requested at jet-set parties. Laura's truly brought dream interpretation to the masses! She's also an inspirational colour healer, using her natural artistic skills to help people find the right colours for their wardrobes, homes and personal style. This combines her two careers - the psychic world and the realm of the arts. Laura is a talented artist, skilled in many forms of creative painting and often taking private and corporate commissions; from depictions of deities to pet portraits. Laura has appeared on TV's BBC, ITV, C4 and Sci-fi Channel, with many more appearances scheduled for the coming months. She also is a regular contributor to various spiritual and life style magazines.Her beauty and her sense of humour ground Laura as one of the youngest and most 'in demand TV Psychics in the UK ý her readings have often been described as 'super, insightful, reassuring and to the point!' just like the lady herself.

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