About Leontine

I am Leontine, a compassionate natural psychic with 20 years of experience. I was born into a psychic family and I am named after my grandmother who was a psychic herself and I inherited her crystal ball. Alongside my guide, I work no tools/freehand have the psychic ability to see, feel, hear and sense, however I can also work with the crystal ball and pendulum. I am a compassionate, honest and positive reader and I mainly look at general readings and priorities in one’s life, love/relationships and pick up on emotions in a current situation of the caller. I am also a Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient. At first, I will introduce myself by name and work with your date of birth. I will then I explain how I work and ask for an area that you want me to look at. I will ask for you to not give me too much information as I like to link in with you first to see what I can pick up. In my spare time, I love sci-fi films, especially Stargate series and movies. Interstellar and The Martian. I love astronomy and always reading up about what is going on in the universe. I always make sure I look up in the night sky before I go to bed. And candy crush.... (I can't believe I am admitting that out loud) My favourite quote is "Today will never come again so be a blessing and be a friend." Not sure where I picked that up from, but I have it printed off and placed around.

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