About Martha

Hello, my name is Martha and I am a natural and caring psychic that has been working professionally for over 26 years. My reading style is compassionate, and I always aim to be detailed and positive. I believe that I am pretty unique in that I ask questions and listen to my callers concerns and descriptions of their situations, then I will check my understanding of what they have asked me. Questions are agreed to and prioritised for the reading, which gives the caller clear focus and a feeling of being heard and answered. The cards usually give me a lot of insight very quickly, and I will often receive additional insight from my Guide. I like to work hard together with the client and my guide to bring the best possible insight and understanding around the client’s needs. Most of my clients ask about their personal lives, Love and Relationships, Families and Lifepath choices, some need guidance and some have options and choices to make. My preferred tool of choice is my favourite deck of cards, which I have been using since a teenager. The cards usually give me the capacity to create a strongly descriptive and connected picture for the client, often in quite a short period of time. I am also very sensitive to peoples’ energy and alongside my cards I use all my psychic senses, always aiming to give a well-rounded reading. During a first time reading with me I like to explain that I firmly believe that every person is the owner of their own destiny and that they are free at all times to make whatever decisions and choices they want to. I encourage the client to relax, participate and enjoy this unique, exciting and supportive experience. I discovered my psychic abilities when I was a child, as I realised I could see and hear things that some others seemingly could not. I get the most enjoyment from being able to share my psychic abilities with you and guiding you in getting a clearer perspective on what you may want out of your life choices. I love to offer guidance with problem-solving and presenting possible options and choices, particularly when a person seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Guiding to give others, ideas, insight and possibilities that can boost their confidence and to see their strengths, gives me a great sense of fulfilment and joy. During my spare time I enjoy art, nature walks, girls nights out and dancing, I am a very friendly, open and sociable person with a big heart. For an informative, detailed and inspiring reading, give me a call today!

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