About Marysia

My name is Marysia. I realised my psychic skills from a young age and because my grandmother was also a practicing psychic/reader she encouraged my psychic ability. It wasn't until later that I chose to develop these further and began to give readings. I also trained in reiki and meditation which added an extra dimension to my work. I feel that we never really stop learning and developing, it's ongoing and there is always scope for more. I enjoy all of my work. I enjoy having the psychic skills to do it and also the guidance that it gives to my clients. Each area of my work complements the next and makes for a very enjoyable and insightful experience for the caller. At the start of my readings, I will briefly explain how I work and tell you about the tools that I use. I like to ensure that the client is feeling at ease before I begin the reading, so sometimes I will do a brief relaxation exercise with them to help them feel more focused and happy, as this also helps the flow of energy and is beneficial in many other ways. My favourite tool is definitely my Rider Waite Tarot card deck, it's full of wonderful energy and speaks to me the loudest of all the decks I own. I receive my insight through the cards but also intuitively whilst tuning into the cards. I can however, work naturally with my senses and guides and can use the pendulum. I am happy to look into many areas, whether that be general, priorities in ones life or love and relationships and I am a patient and honest reader. I love spending time with my family, they are very important to me. I also enjoy the cinema, walks, reading, day trips, ghost hunts and I've recently visited a spa and quite enjoy their saunas, salt rooms and Jacuzzis for relaxation. “Always be you - You're better than no one but no one is better than you - Nanna Tune is my favourite most inspirational quote.

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