About Moon Kinnaird

Rune Reader & Empathetic Remote Viewer

Greetings Friends, my name is Moon and I am what is known in the Psychic trade, as a Rune Reader. Runes are just like any other Psychic Tool, they provide Psychics with access to an unknown space where we can see, feel, and hear about certain aspects of your life.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my Grandma, who was also a Rune Reader, or in old High Norse a "Runic Vitki", which is someone who does everything with the runes. Needless to say my childhood was filled with stories about the legends of Odin, Thor, and & Loki. You could say that I knew the Futhark, the Runic Alphabet, before I knew my ABC's. 

I am also an empathic Remote Viewer, allowing me to feel the emotions of a person connected with you, which is very useful should you need to gauge how a certain somebody feels towards you. Call me today and let's wander through your life with the runes and me as our guide!

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