About Mystic Saira

Hi my name is Mystic Saira. I am a natural psychic with over 25 years’ experience. I work with a variety of guides with varying areas of knowledge. I receive messages through thoughts, images in my mind’s eye and psychic hearing and feeling. I am also known as "The Soul Mate Psychic" I can look into your soul connections, soul mate energy and twin flame energy as she has many years experience of reading in these areas. I always try to make sure that the client is comfortable and not nervous if it is their first time. I explain the way I work before I start the reading so they feel very happy about this from start to finish. I feel that I am direct, enlightening and inspirational and my clients generally ask for readings on love and soul connections. I love to give guidance on the laws of attraction and manifestation techniques and also on psychic and spiritual development. I have a strong ability to tune in to situations which make my readings empowering and insightful. My favourite tool is the psy-cards mainly because this is the first tool I worked with. They give me clear guidance and promote my psychic ability during a reading. I have always known I was psychic since childhood, but at 17 I had a reading at a psychic fair. I asked the reader to teach me. She came to my house, handed me her cards and said "my guides say you can already read, do me a reading please". I did my first reading on that day and she had me working at psychic events after just one month. The rest is history. During my spare time I like yoga and keeping fit, I have 3 children which keeps me busy, I also run my own psychic business and run courses and workshops in a variety of spiritual subjects. My favourite inspirational quote is "True spirituality is a mental attitude you can practice at any time." - Dalai Lama.

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