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'The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light' S.Ajna. I was born with natural intuitive and psychic abilities, I have seen, sensed and heard things since I was a little girl. As I grew into a teenager I was very drawn to psychic books, astrology and tarot reading; It felt very natural to learn and carry this out. When I left my family home, I was able to develop my skills and abilities and did many years in local circles where I met other people with similar psychic skills and experiences. My favourite tool is the tarot cards. The pictures, colours and the order they come out in really do paint a picture for my clients. My tarot cards open up all my psychic abilities so I can give insight into my clients past, current and possible future life path. Alongside my cards, I work closely with my guide, I also have experience with Angel Cards, Crystals, Life Coaching, Psychic Development and Runes. I am a very calming, honest and compassionate reader and I am able to bring you guidance in areas such as career & work, love/relationships, family life or general. I have been reading professionally now for 15 Years and I just to inspire and motivate others, picking them up when they feel sad or emotional, guiding others when they feel lost or stuck and being a light during someone's dark times and reminding them of their inner strength and purpose. For a first time client it is really important I make them feel comfortable, heard and understood. It is also important the reading has a good steady pace and that I check in with them to ensure they can relate to the insight given. I would aim to ensure the first time client leaves the reading more uplifted and positive and that they felt valued and understood. Thank you for reading my profile. I look forward to connecting with you.

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