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Intuitive Psychic, Pendulum, Crystals, and Cards

Hi, I'm Psychic Ellen, an intuitive psychic and I specialise in working with crystals and their energies. Working with crystals, cards, and my guides, I can give guidance and support in your life choices. I enjoy giving guidance on romance, relationships, career, and family matters. 

I am a compassionate reader and my guides allow me to tune into the energy of others to sense their emotions. During a first time reading I will talk you through how I work, who my guides are, and gain a connection and rapport to build your confidence in having a first reading with me. I feel I am different to most readers as the more I talk to a client, the more I can sense from them. 

My favourite tool to use is my Pendulum. It gives a simple “yes” or “no” that works well alongside my use of cards and natural abilities. In my spare time, I love being in nature. I love the countryside, ice-skating, horse riding, practically anything in the great outdoors. My favourite inspirational quote is by Thomas Campbell: "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

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