About Raphaël Pathé

Raphael tells us that he has been a psychic reader for over 20 years, describing his readings as inspirational and positive. A straightforward and uplifting reader, when you go through to Raphael, he will do his best to ensure that you are feeling happy and positive, before attempting to link in with you. He will then try to answer any questions that you have, and ensure that you are at ease and happy while you are talking to him. During your reading with, Raphael tells us that he will start off the reading using his cards, which can allow him to open the door to allow the insight to begin to pass through. He also says that if he feels a connection with particular energies, he can use crystals to help channel this in order to try and provide a more insightful reading for you. He recalls that he has known of his abilities since a very young age, before purchasing his first deck of cards at 16, and giving his first reading at age 18. Since then, he has continued to develop his skills, and has also built up an impressive collection of cards and crystals in that time In his free time, Raphael enjoys writing, playing and listening to electronic dance music, as well as horse riding and Qi Gong. He is inspired by the quote ‘It's your life, own it’, so for an uplifting and empowering reading, give him a call today!

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