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Hi there, my name is Regina and I believe that I am a compassionate and uplifting natural psychic reader. I have only been reading for just over 5 years but in this time I have experienced so many different readings that have encouraged me to keep enlightening people further. The preferred areas that I like to look into are Love and Relationships, Career and work and also emotional insight and empathy. When you come through to me for the first time I like to start by introducing myself and asking for your name and whether or not you have had a reading before. At this time I also like to explain how I work as a psychic as once you know this, the reading becomes easier for both me and you in terms of understanding by guidance. I like to keep the mood upbeat and positive as I feel this helps with making anyone feel comfortable and ready to receive the insight that they seek. During my readings I mainly rely on my natural psychic abilities to guide you. Once connecting with you and we have established what we are looking into, I then can see images and sense energies with your voice and your personality which all contribute to me giving you insight which should link directly to you. Alongside this I also rely on my guides to give me more detailed insight, I believe I have multiple different guides who help me in alternative ways, but all can be empowering and honest through their individualities. I realised I was psychic when I was quite young, and was completely confused by the whole aspect of empathising so much with other emotions. But throughout my school years this intuition grew and I began to accept and understand the different energies around me. I then decided that personally it would be better for me to ignore this part of my life but 20 years on I had a change of heart and the moment I decided to open up the guidance flooded in. In my spare time I like to indulge in culture by visiting lots of art galleries, museums and exploring new places. I also like to challenge myself by learning new languages such as Italian and French but this is still being put into practice to educate myself further. The most positive and encouraging quote that I relate to and tell others on a daily basis is from a man named Peter Drucker which states “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” For an honest and passionate reading, give me a call today!

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