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About Renee

I am an empath and intuitive tarot reader and I connect with my spirit guides to see and hear all! My favourite tool to use is my crystals; selenite which protects my energy, clear quartz which allows me to connect to source and moonstone which helps me receive downloads and no blockages in my third eye. I also receive insight by intuitive downloads. I will hear things randomly and pass on the insight and I also meditate before my readings which helps me to connect. I have been reading professionally for around 2 years now. I am clairsentient, clairaudient and can work with angel and tarot cards. My style of reading is honest and straightforward, although some insight may not be something that you want to hear, I ensure I bring this to you in a positive, empathic and compassionate way. I want my clients to continue to grow spiritually. I also consider myself to be very inner youthful, so whilst I have a serious side, I also have a fun and bubbly personality. During my free time I am charitable and do 3 10K charity runs a year. Exercise is important to me. It helps not only the physical but your mental state also! Thank you for reading

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