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Hi I'm Sage and welcome to my profile I am a sympathetic person who is capable of feeling others energies and offer guidance through guided energy and cards. My client's ask me questions and I am able to guide them with the light provided and messages in the cards and offer a compassionate but honest read and provide some sort of guidance they can take with them to apply to their situations that they are currently experiencing. My favourite tools would include cards, crystals, and books. These materials help provide oriented information and I am able to pick up even stronger energy when the crystals are involved. I am then able to read other's energy fields and use that along with what the cards are indicating for guidance. Then I pass what may be offered in a message from a guide and all the materials combined to the client. I also like to include my own personal logic and sympathy because sometimes people aren't looking for answers but maybe just need some voice of reason. I truly try to listen to what is being and in what kind of tone. I feel vibrations and energy and spark a small conversation of hello and how are you to get a feel of where they are physically. Then I begin to sense the direction and ask what I may be able to offer guidance with. They then offer their questions and I begin my reading. Every reading I do serves itself and its own higher purpose for each individual I am able to provide readings for. I never really viewed what I can do as a gift until recently. I was always able to feel certain things or do certain things but as a child we don't know what the word Indigo child means or that these gifts don't happen to everyone. I have been out here reading on others not really seeing this is where I was headed. I was headed in another direction and was still continuing reading and I had a sudden revelation and well here we are. I now read for other online, in person, on the internet. My favourite most inspirational quotes is: "Darkness can not drive out darkness only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate on love can do that." _ Martin Luther King Jr.

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