About Sally Francis

Sally tells us that her favourite areas to focus on are Love and Relationships and Destiny and Lifepath. She would describe herself as empathetic, kind and positive. Sally uses all of the psychic senses and also uses channelling along with guidance on Psychic Development and for further guidance she uses specific tools such as the Pendulum, oracle and Angel Cards. Sally feels as though she has been psychic all her life and has been working professionally as a Psychic for over 15 years, so has lots of experience in many of life’s different situations. Sally begins her readings by introducing herself and making her callers feel at ease. She likes to channel in to their voice vibrations and also connects by their birth name.She explains that she mostly likes to work based mainly on her intuition and feelings. To help her where she needs it, she tells us that she has a guide that appears to her who passes her messages.. She feels that the most important thing to remember is to have an open mind and not to be scared in any way. She believes that everyone has the potential to have a fabulous life. Sally loves nature and enjoys walking around the river near to where she lives. She also participates in Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gung. One of her favourite inspirational quotes is "Life is what happens to you whilst you are busy making other plans" by John Lennon.

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