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About Sharona

My name is Sharona and I have 20 years' experience. I am an intuitive natural psychic who works with guides and uses tarot cards to provide insightful readings. I got my first tarot deck from my mother when I was 17, and she also read cards - as did my grandma! I read for family and friends when I have the time, but I also worked at festivals when I was younger, providing guidance and insight. I have two tarot decks and I will be drawn to one or the other. My cards are quite sassy - they have a great personality and aren't afraid to show it. They like to give me a clear overview of your situation in the first ten cards and once that is established, you can ask about anything! I am a down-to-earth, inspirational and frank reader. I have given readings on Career & Work, General and priorities in one's life, Destiny & Life-Path readings, Love/Relationships and family life just to name a few. Thank you for visiting my profile, I hope to hear from you soon!

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