About Stevie J

Hello, I am Stevie J! I am a natural born psychic reader with 10 years reading experience. I was actually aware of my psychic senses when I was a child. I first noticed my guides then and as I grew I felt our connection grew too. I met people who were able to guide and teach me what my feelings might be and how to utilise them. When I start the calls I like to keep them as light and friendly as possible. Just finding out who each other are and how you are feeling is always a great way to start a connection. Once we are both happy and comfortable we can start the real reading. Most of my callers tend to ask about their careers or their love lives. I can work with direct questions well but I am also more than happy to get to explore general, open ended readings. It is that feeling of providing someone the insight and guidance that they are looking for that really makes the psychic profession rewarding for me. When I am not providing readings, I love to travel. Visiting new places and really letting them soak in is good for the soul. I like a lot of other forms of escapism such as gaming and watching movies. I would also describe myself as a bit of a social butterfly. Nothing is better than sitting around with friends at home or the beach and chatting away for hours on end. My most inspirational quote comes from Christine Hassler – “You cannot screw up our destiny. It is impossible to miss out or mess up something that which you are meant to experience.”

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