About Summer Breeze

I am a direct, no nonsense reader with 30 years of experience. There was no specific moment where I found out I was psychic, its just always been that way ever since I can remember. I think over the years with help from my guide, I’ve been able to channel it and put it to good use. I don’t think that we ever stop growing this psychic side of ourselves, and as we get older we embrace it more. I am a natural psychic Empath and Tarot card reader. I can do Remote viewing, Chakra work, Psychic development and spiritual healing. I can use my psychic skills to guide you in general areas or priorities in ones life. You can expect an honest and grounded reading from me, however this does not mean that I am not king or empathetic; I just see no point in sugar coating as I know that it serves no purpose other than a quick “feel good” fix. I don’t ask my client any questions, I let my craft do the talking. I love walking my dog on the beach every day, that’s my grounding time and praying time, it sets me up for the day before starting my readings. This year I bought a tent and most weekends go somewhere in the country side as I love nature. Ive also started wine making, picking all my own berries.. cant wait until xmas! My favourite quote is one my guide gave me – “If it looks like a kipper and smells like a kipper then its a kipper, dont put a halo on it and call it an Angel”

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