Summer Sparks

Summer Sparks

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About Summer Sparks

I was eight years old when I started to have psychic experiences, but in my teenage years I started to ignore it and things stopped. One day I found myself doing research to self-develop and I have since been to spiritual centres; Still today I carry on my unstoppable journey to develop my psychic abilities and guide others and I have now been reading for up to 10 years. I am a natural psychic and Tarot and Oracle card reader. I use these together with my guides to bring insight to your love areas and career and work and also to bring guidance in your own psychic development. I have a very empathic side and I’m usually quite good at naturally knowing the outcome of the cards and the reading in general as I am able to connect with my clients quite quickly. I am very honest and genuine, but I am always careful of how I deliver my insight and will delivery with compassion and sympathy if the insight was to be unfortunate. During my spare time, I love to dance, sing and travel. I'm also a jewellery artist and I make my own bracelets and earrings that I put all my passion into. My favourite quote is " God will provide" and I love and appreciate the small things in life; A ray of sunshine or the smell of the the rain and my happiness is contagious, so I hope I can pass my positive vibes to you all.

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