About Topaz

Hi, my name is Topaz and I’ve been practicing my psychic skills for a few years now however I have been using tarot cards since I was 13. I would describe my readings as down to earth, straightforward and honest. I am a natural psychic however I do use tarot cards and sometimes I like to use astrological charts. I can look at astrological compatibility and astrological personality analysis. I’m studying physics and maths at university, I find this makes me very logical and analytical. Most of my clients have many questions, but some of them, usually first timers, just like a general reading or analysis. I like to believe I am logical in my readings and offer practical guidance, I base a lot of my understandings around my studies of physics, this I believe gives me a deeper and more profound understanding of the universe and numbers. For new callers, I would give them a brief explanation of the steps I am going to take, I would reassure them that if something doesn’t make sense straight away, wait until the end of the reading for it all to come together. I would also reassure them to ask any questions and I would prioritise their comfort and enjoyment, I would want to give them a nice and professional experience to look back on, given that it is their first time. I enjoy socialising with friends and going to new places, playing video games, working out, reading and watching films, and just generally trying new experiences in my spare time. I am open to learning new psychic skills that suit me. My favourite quote is “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations”, by Nikola Tesla.

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