About Vanessa Rich

Hi, I’m Vanessa, and I am a very direct, kind and understanding natural psychic reader, with over 10 years of professional experience. My preferred areas to focus on during my readings are chakra readings and balancing, compatibility readings, and looking forward to the future. When you connect with me for the first time, I will do my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible, almost as if you are talking to an old friend. I feel that this is very important, as it can allow you to get as much insight out of your reading as possible. Once I have done my best to make you feel comfortable, I will then move into your reading. During my readings, I will mainly use my cards, as I feel that I am able to gain a very deep level of insight from them, which I can then pass on to you in order to guide you along the road ahead. However, I can also use astrology, as well as my natural psychic abilities, in order to ensure that you get as much guidance as possible from your reading. I knew that I was a psychic from a very young age, as I could often see auras around people that I believed others could not. My grandmother was also a psychic, and after a psychic experience when I was 7, she began coaching and inspiring me to control and develop my psychic abilities. Later on, I decided to learn how to use a variety of different tools, such as the cards and astrology, in order to allow me to deliver as much insight and guidance to my clients as possible. I feel that my work giving readings is also one of my biggest hobbies, as I enjoy it so much. However, in my free time, I do enjoy spending time with my family, particularly over a long dinner or comical conversation. I am particularly inspired by a quote from my mother: ‘What you do today makes your tomorrow!’. So, for a truthful and uplifting reading, give me a call today!

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