What are the Astrological Houses?

The Importance of the Ascendant and Moon

A few words; in my personal opinion, I find that a persons Ascendant Sign and Moon Sign are far more important in dealing with personality and immediate energy than their Sun sign.   The reason I hold this opinion is that ones Ascendant Sign the sign which is coming over the horizon when a person is born.  This only lasts for a period of about 2 hours. The Ascendant is how we first present to others when we meet them, and our first energetic impression.

The moon sign is the sign that covers our soul-self, or our inner most self.  Again this is one of the quickest moving planetary bodies, the moon stays in a zodiac sign for roughly 2 days before moving on to the next. The Sun Sign on the other hand in Western Astrology is in a zodiac sign for 30 days. Vedic Astrology looks at the where the stars are in regards to precision of the Earth, thus, why you can have a different sign under Vedic Astrology vs. Western Astrology, and no need for the 13th sign.  And in more ancient times would dictate the type of work that you would do.

Introduction to the Astrological Houses

Your individual houses, and which symbol of the zodiac which they fall in is dependent on your Ascendant sign.  For example, my Sun, and Moon both fall into Scorpio in my 6th house, Whereas, my Ascendant is on the Cusp of Gemini/Cancer being 5º 48′ in Cancer. This has other meanings to it but I don’t want to get lost in the weeds, the purpose of bring it up is that it puts my Second House still in Cancer, but approaching Leo, so I would be pulling from the energy of both signs. It’s for this reason I just want to keep things general when talking about the astrological houses.


General Aspects of Astrological houses

First House

Your Ascendant.  The Ascendant is the sign which is coming over the eastern Horizon when you’re born.  This sign is on your chart for 2 hours.  In general terms we start the zodiac with Aries, and its ruling planet would be Mars. This is the sign of self, first appearances, beginnings and your attitude.

Second House

Education, your money, values, work, & daily routine and environment. Taurus is the next in general terms and its ruling planet is Venus

Third House 

This is about your communication, and community, who you will chose as friend, siblings and neighbors.   This house is about learning how to deal with others. This is the native home of Gemini, which ruling planet is Mercury.


Fourth House 

Home, family, and emotional roots.  [Note this house is often looked at in conjunction 5th, 7th and sometimes the 8th when looking at relationships] Cancer most at home in this house and it’s ruling planet is the Moon.

Fifth House

 Romance, play, creativity, and self expression. We come to the superstar of the Zodiac Leo, which its ruling planet is the Sun, because we know Leo’s love to shine.


Sixth House 

Health, Fitness, Organization, and acts of self service [If I were looking at career I would look at the 2nd the 6th 8th and 10th houses first] Grounded Virgo, the examiner of the zodiac is next here. This sign is ruled by Mercury traditionally. However, some more modern interpretations place its ruler as Ceres.

Seventh House 

Relationships, mutuality, & sharing.  The sign which is looking for balance in all things, Libra is the native placement for this house. Libra is also ruled by Venus.


Eighth House 

Intimacy, Sex, bonding, shared money and property. Amng all the astrological houses, this is the house of marriage.  (Note I go deeper when looking into this and this is where the Vedic comes more into play.  In the Vedic Chart we have certain Yoga which we create, when we are born. This is a cycle which we are either learning life lessons or clearing past live’s hang ups.

In the Vedic tradition there are Devinisonal Charts which helps with the timings when it comes to Marriage. This is why an professional astrologer is consulted for arranged marriages. It could be a good bond but not the right time, or the right time and not a good bond. I could go on, but this was meant to be just a very short editorial note)  This is the native home of Scorpio, the sign that is looking for deeper meaning & and the hidden aspects. Scorpio has two ruling planets, Mars (traditional and most ancient) And Pluto, the planet of looking for hidden and taboo things.


Ninth House 

Travel, Study, Higher Learning, Morals & Ethics  (How you see and interact with the world) This brings us to our world traveler and explorer Sagittarius.  Their ruling planet Jupiter.  The planet of discovery.


Tenth House

Career, Goals, Fame, Success, Achievements, Public Image. [ Again you can turn to the Vedic for timings on this, sometimes, greater success is delayed in a person because of the Yoga created, even if we look at just the Western chart we can see that it will happen.  This is why some people are late bloomers.] Our very practical sign of Capricorn lives in this house, its ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of planning and discernment. (Sometimes called the planet of delay)


Eleventh House 

Groups, Friends, Society,& Social Causes Now we come to innovator of the zodiac Aquarius, which is about recreating a better social order. It’s ruling planet is Uranus the planet of change, individuality, and originality.


Twelfth House 

This is your spiritual house, endings, hearings and closures. Finally we come to the sage of the zodiac Pisces, the sign that has gone through all the lessons of the rest of the astrological wheel and wishes to show us our higher self. It is ruled by Neptune, and wishes to look at the depths of meaning and understanding, ruling spirituality and all things subtle.

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