What Are The Seven Chakras?

The word ‘Chakra’ comes from Sanskrit and means ‘Wheel’ or ‘Disk’, and is representative of the spiralling motion of energy as it flows into each Chakra point on the Etheric body (within your auric field).

It is believed that each Chakra is linked with a specific organ of the body or endocrine gland, and each conveys energy to the other. This is on the physical level; however, on a mental and emotional level, it is to do with the areas associated accordingly. For example, if there is a blockage in the Heart Chakra then it may not be a physical but emotional, maybe you have had some heartache, a bereavement or relationship issues.

As this has not yet been clinically demonstrated in a precise manner, medical science remains sceptical, although the relationship between energy and matter is now well established in science. However, this scepticism does not stop the existence of the interconnection between the physical processes and the subtle energy system.

Most Eastern teachings mention Seven Major Chakras, which are depicted as lotus flowers of differing numbers of petals or can be visualised as a spinning vortex of colour, each situated along the course of the spine from our base (coccyx or perineum) to our crown. Each one resonates at a different frequency and corresponds to the colours of the rainbow.

There are said to be many minor chakras, the primary ones of importance of which we are speaking about in this article are, of course, the Seven Major Chakras.

When all chakras are spinning in harmony with each other and at the same speed, then we are in a state of balance and maintain physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. However, if one or more of the Chakras becomes unbalanced or changes speed or direction, generally as a consequence of the stresses and strains we encounter in daily living, then we may become unbalanced and may present physical, emotional or mental symptoms of ill health.  Harmony and balance can be achieved through daily Chakra balancing, using a number of techniques, dis-ease of the mind and heart can present as a disease of the body.

So, how do I keep them balanced I hear you say? Below is a guide, plus location of Chakras, along with colour reference and function of each of the Seven Major Chakras, included are affirmations for you to say as you visualise each Chakra, look for any muddiness or dark patches as you check with your mind’s eye take three deep breaths, as you sit or lay down relaxed, maybe do this as you take a shower or before you go to sleep or upon awakening, or make time each day to meditate and visualise the following:

Base Chakra

Colour: Red

Location: At the base of the spine. 

This is the focus of physical vitality and stabilising energy. Helps to keep you grounded and connected to mother earth. This chakra houses the basic survival instincts, the fight or flight responses, and supplies the spinal column, the adrenal glands, and kidneys with energy. It is also concerned with the material side of life. Imagine this as a spinning vortex of ruby red light, look for any dark patches and say “I release and dissolve all darkness in my root Chakra and I know that I am perfectly aligned now, I am safe and secure and so it is”.

Sacral Chakra

Colour: Orange

Location: Above the pubic bone, and one to two inches below the naval. 

It impacts the adrenal glands and it’s the focus for personal development and sexuality. It can also affect our appetite and concerns with our relationship to food and diet and our personal safety, fears and anxieties. See an orange spinning disc and scan, “I ask for any darkness which may have been placed here by fear based thoughts or feelings to be released now”.

Solar Plexus

Colour: Yellow

Location: Just above the naval.

This is your power house and is connected to vital energy; psychological and emotional energy flow and the ability to complete, take a deep breath, without any judgement release and ask to take away any dark patches concerned with your power and control leaving it spinning in perfect alignment and emanating a beautiful bright golden hue.

Heart Chakra

Colour: Pink or Green

Location: Sternum over the heart. 

This relates to being able to receive and give love freely, higher spiritual experience of compassion and clairsentience (gut feeling). Visualise this as a beautiful spinning vortex of both beautiful Rose Quartz and Luminescent Jade, scan for darkness connected to feelings, relationship and past hurts, ask for all blocks to be removed and know that you are very loved.

Throat Chakra

Colour: Turquoise Aquamarine

Location: Near the thyroid gland.

It affects all things communication with others – take another deep breath and see or feel any blockages to do with written or spoken word by saying: “I release all fears and blocks to communication, I am safe to lovingly speak my truth today.”

Third Eye Chakra

Colour: Sapphire Blue

Location: Slightly above and between the eyebrows. 

Provides you with a strong sense of purpose and/or intuition. If you see any darkness here then say “I am willing to release all fear of seeing the truth right now, I am on the highest path and in perfect divine timing with the universe”

Crown Chakra

Colour: Violet

Location: Very top of your head.

This Chakra gives the ability to recognise self-actualisation. Known for Intuition, enlightenment and spirituality, this is connected to your “all knowing, inner mind” feel or see this as a spinning Vortex of beautiful purple spinning with shining crystalline pieces of diamond glints emanating out of your head like a majestic crown, allow all barriers to acknowledging your highest wisdom to dissipate and be transmuted allowing myself to access all areas of higher consciousness as I am a loving, giving child of universal consciousness, I am at one and perfect peace”.

You are now in perfect alignment. As you take each breath throughout your day, then your energy will be enlightened and at one with the universal all knowing.

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