What is a Clairvoyant?

Clairvoyance or ‘Clear Sight’ is one of the eight psychic senses and perhaps one of the most commonly known psychic abilities. It means to ‘see’ clearly. A Psychic who is Clairvoyant, is someone who ‘sees’ a situation or future event using their Mind's Eye, also known as Third Eye.

How a psychic sees these situations depends on what method they are using. Some Clairvoyants are ‘natural’, meaning they don’t use a tool in order to work Clairvoyantly. The ‘seeing’ comes to them and appears in their head like a daydream. Some psychics will visualise a television screen on which images can appear; for others it’s not necessary as the images flow once they shift their focus. Have you ever noticed how often a psychic will give a blank stare off to the side? It’s because they are taking their focus internally to their mind’s eye. In order to do so, they’ll need to unfocus their eyes and try to close themselves off to any external stimulus.

This could be considered a type of meditation or trance-like state. Some people refer to it as ‘connecting’ as it’s a method used when ‘connecting’ to your psychic senses. Whichever sense is the predominant one will come through first, some people experience Smells (Clairgustance), others Hear (Clairaudience) and so on, depending on their psychic ability. In the case of a Clairvoyant, the Psychic will see images, not just 2D pictures, but 3D images/scenes of situations, objects, people or events.

Now I always say that using Clairvoyance is a lot like playing Charades, because unless you are Remote Viewing (i.e. seeing something ‘live’ or ‘as is’) then you are seeing snippets of objects, places or perhaps colours that have a more metaphorical meaning. It’s up to the Psychic to interpret whether something is metaphorical or literal. For example, they might see the colour red, then they’ll see a pair of shoes, then someone walking along a street – but they only see the shoes and perhaps the legs. This series of images may only take a second to see, it doesn’t get replayed, what does it all mean? It could have a metaphorical meaning for example; ‘it’s time for you to get going and take action’. Alternatively, the meaning could be more literal as in, ‘you just bought a new pair of shoes’.

It’s up to the psychic to interpret which one it is, and, of course, it could be both. To work out which one it is, another psychic sense comes into play: Claircognizance or ‘Clear Knowing’ – it’s the clear knowledge of what the images mean and, more importantly, what they mean to the sitter (person having the reading).

Other methods of connecting to the Third Eye/Mind’s Eye involve ‘scrying’. Scrying is a method of connecting using a psychic tool. Rather than the psychic seeing the images in their mind’s eye, the images appear onto their tool. Tools used for scrying tend to be a blank surface whereby the psychic can focus their attention to their Clairvoyant sense or Mind’s Eye as detailed above. Psychics will use anything from a blank wall to a Crystal Ball to ‘scry’. Other tools used can be a bowl of water, smoke from incense, the flame of a candle or even a mirror.

The benefit of having a Clairvoyant Reading is that the psychic will get information that doesn’t come up or is shown in the cards. Cards have set meanings and references, they don’t always have those ‘fine’ details which point to the sitters’ current situation.

Tarot Cards have meanings that you can memorise and use to give readings, so that means anyone can give a tarot card reading without developing any particular psychic skill.

A Clairvoyant Tarot Reading, will delve deeper into your situation and be able to provide further clarity. Clairvoyant Psychics will be able to ‘see’ information and details that the cards don’t show. Some Clairvoyant Psychics use a tool like cards, in order to connect with a person/situation. They are then able to use their clear sight to add details such as timings, personal likes/dislikes, perhaps see initials, names or numbers, even situations like buying new shoes. These layer up the reading and are unique to each reading and each psychic. Not everyone will get a timing, not everyone will get the name or colour of your car. We are all individuals, (readers and sitters alike), we have many facets and not everyone is going to see us equally.

How to tell if you are Clairvoyant

We all have all of the psychic senses. However, one will be more dominant; as a teacher, I would always try to identify which sense was more dominant. That would be the one to concentrate on initially as it is key to connecting with your other psychic senses.

To work out if you are Clairvoyant it’s very simple:

Firstly, how visual are you? Do you remember things more if you have seen something or if you have heard about it? When you recall information, do you see the instance in your head / hear the words? When you hear a song, do you find yourself drifting off into a daydream? When you sleep, do you dream in colours and great detail? If you meditate, are you likely to have a visual experience?

Believe it or not, but not everyone is visual.  So it’s important to figure this out first.

Next up, have you ever had a prophetic dream (a dream of something happening before it happens)? If so, it’s likely that you are Clairvoyant.

Have you ever been thinking about someone and you start seeing something different? You could be receiving clairvoyant messages about this individual.

If you are unsure or you want to find out more, you can talk to one of our psychics that specialise in Psychic Development. They can guide you as to next steps or how to develop your psychic skills further.

Clairvoyant Psychics are also known as Natural Psychics and can give you a very personal and unique reading. Styles can vary, but the overall experience should be uplifting and positive.

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