What is a Life Coach?

What is Life Coaching?

There are subtle differences between a Life Coach and a working Psychic, although you may find that your chosen Psychic has life coaching skills and qualifications, too. Life coaching is where you will be supported and encouraged to help you make informed decisions in your working and personal life.

A Life Coach will never force their opinion on you, but rather they will mostly listen and ask relevant questions, and take you on a path to assist you in making your own decisions and with a plan of implementation, by helping you create timescales, and identify potential outcomes and desires. Typically, a Life Coach will have NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) or other formal coaching qualifications.   

Three words describe a Life Coach very succinctly:

  • Listen

  • Support

  • Guide

Why might you choose a Life Coach over a Psychic?

A Life Coach is there to assist you in making your own decisions, whereas a Psychic will aim to give you predictions about outcomes they see for you moving forwards.

The difference is very subtle because a good Psychic will never scare you or preach to you, but it might be that a Life Coach is more suitable for you to help you move forwards with a plan, as a Psychic is more geared towards advising you and predicting what is likely to happen.

You may feel that it is best for you to navigate yourself out of the situation or problem you may have, rather than to hear about the future. It is important to remember that Psychics all work with different tools and see different things, and you may feel that it is better to have a plan to take control for yourself.

What are the Benefits of Using a Life Coach?

In the course of their work, Life Coaches will encounter people from all walks of life and with lots of different situations and scenarios requiring guidance and support. Although your situation or problem will seem mountainous to you, you can guarantee that a Life Coach will have worked with other clients that have encountered the same, or similar, problems as you. 

Using their coaching skills, experiences, and empathy, they will gently help you make informed time-bound decisions so that you can move forwards. Typically, you will have future sessions booked with them so that you can both discuss progress and re-navigate if you hit bumps along the way. 

In which areas can a life coach help, and how does this differ from getting a psychic reading?

Life Coaching differs from Psychic, Tarot or Astrological type readings as Life Coaches do not attempt to predict the future. They are there to listen, guide and support rather than to make predictions.

A Life Coach is non judgemental and will never try to force their ideas and beliefs on you, they are there to support, listen and guide. Mostly a Life Coach will help and guide with relationship problems, work situations, and other general day to day life situations where you may feel a bit stuck and without a plan. They are not Psychiatrists and cannot provide clinical decision support. In addition, they cannot get involved in things like domestic abuse or other unlawful situations, since these are things that require intervention from social services or the police.

Just remember, whether you choose Life Coaching or Psychics to guide you, that free will and common sense will always prevail.

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