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Christian Martin

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Love and Relationship Readings and Psychic Development

Hi, I'm Christian Martin and I have been a practising psychic for over 30 years. My preferred areas to read on are Love and Relationships along with Destiny and Life Path. I am available to provide Psychic Development to my clients and share the psychic knowledge garnered in my three decades of bringing calm, straight-forward insight and guidance to many. I have a range of psychic senses, including Psychic Hearing, Seeing and Feeling, as well as occasionally picking up smells.

I work freehand and don't use cards or tools in my readings. I close my eyes and use my guides, who give me the insight and guidance. I feel there is less confusion this way, and I can give my clients an honest reading. 

When you begin your psychic reading with me, I will use my warm and caring nature to build a rapport, before using my psychic seeing skills to try to tune into your vibrational frequency and visually perceive the messages “within your mind’s eye”. Using psychic hearing, I can sometimes perceive sounds and extrasensory noises from sources said to broadcast from the spiritual realms.

When deciding to have a first reading with me, I ask you to come open-minded and with no expectations. Sometimes the messages aren’t quite what the client wants to hear, but they may be important nevertheless. There are many sides to a situation, and if you’re confused, I will aim to give you my insight as I see it. I meditate daily and my most inspired quote is: “Everything happens for a reason.”

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