About Claudine

Hello I’m Claudine. I am a natural psychic reader with a passion for cards and over 20 years’ experience. I work very closely with my guides but also like to use tools to bring forward a more rounded reading. I find that I cannot leave the house or go anywhere without my cards! When I am on the phone reading with my cards, I need to first cleanse the deck with a double tap, then I take a deep meditative breath and instantly I feel empowered and uplifted and full of energy and I just want to relay all the messages I am being made to feel need to be given. I can see scenes in my head and I feel in this dream state which is quite euphoric. I love being able to make people happy, to give them upliftment and to make that little bit of a difference. I feel very, very lucky and blessed. I have a lot of good solid friends thanks to this work. This isn't my ego talking, I genuinely like to empower people. I was spiritual as a child and had lots of imaginary friends. When I am not giving readings, I work very closely with my family. I have two teenagers that I home educate and we live on the side of a mountain next to a river with the cat and dog. Its extremely peaceful. I do have to travel away a lot too as I have family dotted all over the place. When we all get together we just get to laugh and cook as a family. My most inspirational quote is “The will to win doesn’t mean anything because everybody wants to win. It is the will to prepare to win that makes the difference”

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